Save the Darwinian Cheerleader, Save the World

October 31, 2007

I’m convinced that Darwinians (those who hold to Darwin’s version of the Origin of Man and Natural Selection) are trying to find an altar to worship at. Or, failing that, at least a mythology to call their own.

Two recent pieces of entertainment convince me that even the Darwinians feel that people will leave their fold if they don’t have a good story to tell. Hence the appearance of: “Heroes” (the television series) and “Darwin’s Radio” (the book series).

Both of these series try and do something not attempted before. If Natural Selection is correct, then mankind should still be evolving into a higher and more adaptive life form. Both Heroes and Darwin’s Radio theorize on what that higher life form will look like. “Darwin’s Radio” is more scientific (wow, is it ever) in approach, while “Heroes” paints a better myth. If you haven’t taken in either, let me summarize very quickly.

“Heroes” is a show about a group of seemingly ordinary people (a nurse, painter, japanese businessman, cheerleader, politician, watchmaker, porn actress, policeman, waitress) who each possess one quality that goes beyond human abilities (flying, seeing the future, traveling through time and space, ability to heal themselves etc). The story winds among them as they try and stop events that may end the human race. It is explained that they are the next stage in evolution.

“Darwin’s Radio” and its sequel “Darwin’s Children” are about babies born after a worldwide epidemic of pregnancies gone wrong. These new children are thought to have a virus that can wipe out humanity and new government agencies (similar to Homeland Security…yes, there are tons of politics in these books) are formed to wipe all these children out. But somehow a few of the children survive. They are also the next stage in evolution. The children can communicate in extraordinary ways with each other, can think better than most and have other almost unexplained abilities.

So why are Darwinians doing this? It is because their theory cannot be proved and it cannot be validated. All we can do is take the world as it is and suppose that natural selection is how it worked. We can’t prove it because we can’t observe a process that is supposed to take thousands of years at even minor evolutionary adaptations. Since the Scientific method has only existed for a small portion of that time, no one will ever live long enough to observe the evolutionary process. People who believe in it have to take the current situation and on faith believe in the process. Much the same way as Christians have to believe in the origin of man from God’s power.

So, in order to help people see the possibilities of evolutionary selection, “Heroes” and “Darwin’s Radio” have sped up the process so we can see it. The fact that it could never speed up this quickly if Natural Selection is completely random (meaning there is no Designer behind it) is not explained by either genre. The fact that all current evidence suggests that man’s genetic code is deteriorating through its mutations, instead of evolving, is almost ignored. There is some evidence in the books and the television show that some early mutations were flawed. But it is amazing how the writers of both series wants evolution to work so badly they ignore the basic tenet of their belief system: It must take millions of years for each stage of Natural Selection to occur. It cannot happen any other way in their system.

In “Heroes”, the super-evolved beings are told that if they save the Cheerleader (an archetype I suppose) they will save the world. I think it is Darwin’s Cheerleaders that need saving. They are obviously losing their way in their own mythology.



  1. Can you provide sources for the statement “…man’s genetic code is deteriorating…?” I’m just curious because it might come in handy when I run into a die-hard evolutionist.

  2. Sorry to take so long to answer this question. Most of my answer was based on many courses I took in Biology, where the deterioration of the genetic code in today’s society is taken for granted. Evidence is given in the amount and variation in cancers proliferating, auto-immune diseases, inherited diseases etc.

    But a fuller explanation of this can be found at: http://emporium.turnpike.net/C/cs/evid2.htm

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