December 7, 2007

At least one person has complained that I am painting too rosy a picture about both TPM and the entire process of Sanctification. Though I believe that God desires our inner man to be transformed and renewed in this life (see 2 Corinthians 4:16 which says “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.), I also realize that this is a process and doesn’t happen quickly.

The question is raised “Are you saying that TPM always results in transformation inside?” “Always” would be a big word as would “regularly”. Rather than try and answer that directly, I want to answer this one: Why doesn’t TPM seem to work the same for everyone? If getting rid of lies is supposed to clean up our thought life and therefore set us free, why don’t some who go through TPM feel free?

There are many reasons for this and I want to lay out some of them. This is not, by any means, an exhaustive list.

1. Not All Inner Problems Are Caused by Lie-Based Thinking: There are other emotional and spiritual problems we might have that don’t really involve believing a lie. And there are physical difficulties that can add to a person’s emotional well-being and trauma. I remember going to a chiropractor years ago and being treated for a back ailment. At the same time as he was treating my back, he also noticed that I was suffering from allergies. He claimed that chiropractic could help that too. He also claimed that diabetes and liver damage from drinking could be cured by his methodology. The same mistake can, and is, made with TPM. It is not a cure-all for everything that ails you. I too am skeptical of fantastic claims of success without any failures. Some depression is caused by hormonal imbalances, stress, tumors, bad diet and any number of other causes. A person may see some relief through TPM, but because the underlying cause is something other than a lie, they may not see the same level of relief that others find.

2. Clutter: TPM recognizes that not every problem we accumulate in a memory is a lie. There are other problems in the memories that can stay even when the lie leaves. These may include: unforgiveness, bitterness, unforgiven sin, resentment, sadness, anger, demonic attacks and vows. All of these are separate problems and often are dealt with in follow up sessions. I personally went back two years after my initial TPM session to do a follow up because some of the same symptoms I thought were completely gone were coming back. My clutter was a combination of bitterness and a vow I had made. This was in the same memory where the lie was dealt with.

3. Other lies/Other memories/Same manifestation: In a posting several years ago, I mentioned that some people have a tendency to manifest the same reaction to many different lies. This can lead people to believe that they are still in their original lie when they are actually free from one but in bondage to another.

4. Same lie/Other memories/Different manifestation: In the same light, there are some lies that take new shapes later on in a person’s life. Dr. Smith describes this as a “morphed lie”. At the same time, there are lies in our lives that are reinforced by several traumatic experiences and each of these memories needs to be visited in order for the person to report complete freedom. I did Theophostic with a missionary some years ago and they reported a small amount of freedom in their thinking. But the lie still felt true in some circumstances. They were greatly discouraged that TPM had not worked for them. They went to another colleague of mine who did TPM again and then a third time. Each time it was the same lie with a different memory. Dr. Smith calls this a “Memory-linked lie”. Each link needs to be broken for the person to experience peace in that area of a lie.

5. Confusing TPM with Obedience: Just because we have been released from a lie doesn’t mean we don’t have to fight to be obedient to the Lord. It will always be a struggle to obey what God has commanded us until we come to the New Heaven and New Earth. There are patterns of behavior that we set down that still need to be confronted after we have been set free. I was doing TPM with a support group for Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior many years ago. One lady said she didn’t have any more symptoms of OCD while the other four did. I thought maybe that TPM had worked for only one of them. A few months later, one of the ladies who saw her symptoms stay the same admitted “I like my symptoms. I don’t want to stop”. No one can make us obey the Lord. But she also admitted that her fear of not being in control was not the impetus for washing her hands many times a day. She just didn’t want to stop. That’s a much different story.

6. Guardian Lies: One of the most common category of lies we believe are called “Guardian lies”. These are not the lies that we deal with that are affecting our behavior. For the most part, they are the lies that prevent us from continuing to get the restoration we need. Here are some examples of Guardian lies we see often in TPM:

-I am already changed enough
-This won’t work for me
-God doesn’t want this for me
-This is too weird for me
-I must be doing it wrong
-Others are lying…there is no real change
-Nothing happened to me.

7. The Unknown: I leave this one to those who can honestly say their problem doesn’t fit into the first six. We don’t know everything. There are problems that we just can’t solve. I did TPM with one man several years ago and we seemed to get rid of many lies. And his doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with him physically. All the clutter seemed resolved and the Guardian lies were not there. But he still reports that he has a sense of being unloved even though God tells him he is loved. I can’t understand it either. But this I know. That is not the rule. Usually TPM difficulties fall into the first six areas. However, I have learned to keep the 7th one open. Maybe we’ll learn more down the road. It is a mystery that only God can bring relevalation to.



  1. I know that TPM has allowed me to view God in a more real way. I have a relationship with Christ that is closer and more real than ever before. I want to be closer to Him now because of it. To be what He wants me to be.

    I suffered from many lies, and although I know I can use more TPM so that God can use His Christians to help me get through all the clutter of lies, that I can’t seem to pray through myself, I still have received much relief from what used to plague me.

    It’s all about hearing God for me. I never heard God speaking to me before. I felt left out because of this. For me, Theophostic Prayer is opening oneself up to the help of other Christians to Pray for Gods Truths. To see God and hear God. I couldn’t before… I thank Gateway fellowship for all your sincere kindness and love shown to me through Theophostic Prayer.

    God Bless


  2. Thanks for your testimony Sarah. It is encouraging to see.

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