Christmas Music

December 10, 2007

Our cell group spent some time this week discussing some of the new Christmas albums. We had an eclectic variety that was awesome and I want to give you two highlights from that list. I also invite you to respond with some of your new favorites.

New Fav #1: Relient K – “Deck the Halls and Bruise Your Hand”. There are three songs that are worth the entire album. Their rendition of “The 12 Days of Christmas” goes beyond any of the others in both musicality and originality. But for some reason, the song-writer doesn’t know what a “pear tree” is. The second one is “I Celebrate the Day”. The lyrics are as powerful as “Mary Did You Know” but the music is even better. Their version of Handel’s Messiah is off the charts original and punkish. If you’re tired of Christmas elevator music, this one rocks your world.

New Fav #2: Celtic Woman – “A Christmas Celebration”. This multi-talented celtic group does not let down their creativity to produce a pap Christmas CD. This has several songs that owe their allegiance to the Celtic music tradition. Listen especially to “Don Oiche Ud I Mbeithil”, “The Wexford Carol” and “Christmas Pipes”. This is one to load down to your MP3 player and take it with you to let friends listen to. They’ll be impressed at how worldly-wise you have become.



  1. Kenny G has an awesome album for Christmas.

  2. Relient K has a new Christmas album out: Let it Snow Baby, Let it Reindeer. I’ve only heard a few samplings, but if you like their 1stone, you might want to check out their new one as well.

  3. Aaron: If you notice, that new album of Relient K’s is the same as their first Christmas album with a couple of new songs thrown in. But still awesome.

  4. I turn up the radio when Manheim Steamroller plays.
    Kenny G rocks!!
    Pacabell Cannon brings tears it’s so beautiful.

  5. I enjoy the Jars of Clay Drummer Boy EP they made back in the mid 90’s. Its short but I really like the songs on it.

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