Apology is Needed

March 17, 2008

I do want to apologize to readers of this blog for my vain attempts at humor regarding pastors. I admit that I don’t do sarcasm well…and for that I am grateful. It does reveal to me that I have some issues with a few of my colleagues which would be better served by praying for them or talking to them…or both.

I have removed the entries that don’t belong in this blog. That’s the reason you no longer see them.


  1. Thanks for your honesty in removing this. I agree with you: It didn’t fit the rest of your writing

  2. Even though there was humor in what you were saying it would have been better to make yourself the object of that humor verses making other pastors ashamed of who they are.

    Thanks for being humble enough to change.

  3. Actually, I enjoyed that entry. It WAS outside your usual blogs, but it was pithy, funny, and to the point. I thought that you must have been particularly frustrated to have written that.


  4. My frustration will be laid out in a blog article very shortly. The frustration I thought was with individuals, and the more I have prayed about it today, the more I realize my frustration is with something much bigger than one person.

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