A Cool Stewardess

April 8, 2008

The stewardess had us wave to dad out on the tarmac as he was working to direct the flight out of the gate. His 9 year old son was on-board the plane and was crying as he left. We all waved excitedly and dad hid some of his tears.

During the flight, the stewardess allowed the young man to help her with several of her in-flight chores. I was delighted to see that he did so with gusto and joy. As I gave my plastic cup to him and allowed him to put it in the garbage bag, he beamed with delight. I have no idea what the situation was with his dad and him, but her actions certainly lit up the life of this young man, helping him to put off his pain for awhile.

Kudos to you flying waitress in the sky. You made a difference in his life and showed the rest of us that a little act of kindness goes a long way.



  1. I hope she doesn’t get in trouble. We used to be in deep doo-doo when we allowed passengers to help us in any way. Was there another stewardess on the flight?

  2. Wanda: Thanks sis for your comment. I knew you would say something 🙂 Yes, there was another Stew aboard, and she was right in there with them. I hope they don’t get in trouble as well. You’ve heard me tell the story about the Stewardess that sang the announcements. She was reprimanded for that. Good luck on the trip btw.

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