Name This Rose

April 29, 2008

There are those occasions when I get peopled out and I have to get alone to meditate and enjoy the non-human forms of life. I have chosen to cultivate and work with roses in our garden, among other things.

First prize to the one who can identify this climbing rose that is currently showing off by my fence. I know the answer, but do you?

And yes, this is just one rose variety. That should be enough hint for the real rose-ophiles.


  1. I can think of several roses that this might be. Suggestions are: Judy Garland, Joseph’s Coat, Double Delight, Oranges & Lemons, French Perfume, Betty Boop, Will-O-The-Wisp, Tequile Sunrise.

    You must realize why I love working with plants.

  2. Indeed it is one of those Diana. Let me see if I can give one more hint…eliminate the ones that have hybrid tea ancestors and you are left with two. It is the one that produces yellow, orange and pink blooms.

    And yes, I can easily guess why you love working with plants.

  3. Yes, Joe and Joan, you are correct. It is indeed “Joseph’s Coat”. And both of you need to think about registering with Blogger to make comments. It is so much easier than sending me an email directly.

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