This Was the Church to Be at On Mother’s Day

May 14, 2008

I love the group that hangs at our church. It is an awesome group doing the Journey together. But I have to give props when they are deserved. I was swinging through a few blogs I love and their links lead me to a few more links and then I found this church. It’s the New Spring Church in Anderson, SC. Here is a sampling from this blog page recounting the Mother’s Day events:

    • Today we saw the church be the church!
    • We gave a handicapped accessible van away to a mom & her family.
    • We gave away a house to a single mom…AND informed her that we were paying her utility bills for the next year to help her get on her feet.

    It gives me a lot of ideas, and maybe you too. What would you give away next year on Mother’s Day to a deserving mother?



    1. that is ministry

    2. Hmmm, as a Mom myself I would have to say that one of the things I would love most…and I think most Mom’s would agree…is time to myself. Time to sit and read a good book, time to take a nap all alone and wake up all on my own, time to sit in quiet and think my own thoughts.
      As Mom’s we are so blessed to mother our children and tend to their needs. However we sacrafice our own time in the process and to be honored or “Thanked” by time alone is prety special.
      I am so lucky that I have support from my husband who recognizes when I am low on “me” time. He was recently gone for 16 days. My “me” time was basically non-existant. I have a little more understanding for single parents, widowed parents, and also army parents. They are real troopers and need support from those of us who can give…

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