Memorial Day for a Called Man

May 25, 2008

I am sorry for the fuzzy quality of this picture, but all I had time to do was grab my camera phone and make this. On thursday afternoon, I had the awesome privilege of taking part in the ordination interview for Ted R. who will soon be serving the Lord as a military chaplain. Ted was interviewed for 3 grueling hours as we went through every aspect of biblical knowledge, theology and practical ministry. Ted came through it all with flying colors (after all, these colors don’t run) and exemplified himself as a man that can lead other men in their spiritual walk.

This Memorial Day, remember Ted and his wife as they embark on this courageous career. Pray for them and their three kids that they can make the transition from Church life (Youth Pastor for 14 years) to military life. This picture is Ted receiving the oath of office from a senior chaplain. God bless you Ted!

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  1. welcome to wordpress Mike. You’re gonna love it. so are your readers.

  2. Thanks Vince. I have another blog on WordPress, which is a private one for my counseling practice, and I always loved how much more I could do with it.

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