My Brother Dealing with Death

June 12, 2008

As many of you who read this know, my brother Dave lost his son last year in a horrific car crash up in Canada. In this first of two interviews on a Canadian news show, Dave tells how he and his wife Adele have dealt with the tragedy.



  1. 1. I have much respect for Dave in that I’m not sure I could be that lucid if I ever lost Taylor or TJ.

    2. I see many similarities in you and Dave. I’ve seen you in just a mustache (not one of your better looks by the way) but your brother makes me think you might be able to pull off the goatee.

    3. What he had to say about the Buddhist mindset is interesting but the element he’s missing as I see it (at least the element the clip hasn’t introduced) is not just being present in the moment, but being present in the moment with God’s truth. I think there is an important distinction to be made between the two.

  2. Aaron, I think you are right about what Buddhism is missing. However, Eastern Christianity for many centuries practiced “Centering Prayer” and this concentrated on practicing God’s Presence as a discipline for bringing all of the soulish elements of the person into alignment with God. Then they would go from there to meditation upon the Word and listen to the Spirit. So as part of the process it can be helpful.

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