Friendly Fire: Captains Who Shoot at the Crew as they Leave

June 13, 2008

There is so much I could say about this video. The only thing I will say is this. As you watch what Ed Young says (if you don’t know Ed Young, he is the Pastor of one of the country’s largest churches) notice that his comparisons to the business world reveal how he feels other churches. Other churches are the competition. That is what is hurting so many with Friendly Fire: Pastors who grab hold of their congregation and take shots at them if they want to leave to serve God in a different setting. Instead of seeing a single unified church in Dallas with many flavors, Ed Young sees all other congregations as the competition. So he hoards his people and sees some who would plant churches as pirates.



  1. I can agree with him in his initial rip into ‘pirates’. Yeah it sucks when a church split happens. But it sounds like he is (#1) hating on church planters in general…i can only hope that I misunderstand him
    and (#2) doesn’t like it when churches ‘compete’. Now i believe that when churches try to beat other churches or knowingly ‘steal’ people it is wrong.

    But i have seen a new and amazing church plant hit this community so hard that all of the other churches are now better for it because they were forced to rethink how they were reaching the community.

  2. I can say as someone who has had two ‘accidental church plants’ form from groups I lead (the other name for splits) that the Kingdom of God still went forward. To call church plants “piracy” is too broad and shows that he is working through his own pain by teaching his congregation. Not as healthy as I would hope he would be in his position. But I agree that new church plants in town always cause me to rethink where I’m at.

  3. I think he’s using the wrong terminology. Pirates plunder for their own benefit. Church planters are more like Robin Hood … stealing from the well endowed church to give to the poor in Spirit. Green tights, feathered caps, merry men …

  4. Aaron: If church planters are like Pirates, my experience is that they resemble the “Dread Pirate Roberts”. He of the DPR fame was not really called Roberts but used the fame of someone else to get the job done. Most church planters use the ideas of the thousand other church planters in the country and occasionally add their own ideas. Me included. That’s why my picture is always a pirate. But I would rather be Jack Sparrow (i.e. unpredictable, swarthy, loved and hated by all simultaneously) than DPR. IMO

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