Very Mixed Golf Results

June 17, 2008

How great is a blog? I can brag, whine and moan all within its confines.

Yesterday, I hit a 38 on the front nine, the best score this year. That included 3 birdies, two of them coming on par 5s. However, Don and I had to play with two of the biggest jerks we have yet encountered. The one guy wandered in front of our putts, talked while we hit, swore continually for no reason and made fun of us when they thought we couldn’t hear. We could.

The other guy is now in my Hall of Fame for Sanctification testers: A guy who hits a better shot than mine to a par 3 green and swears like he shanked it. I don’t even know what to call him.

When I got up to tee off on ten, I took a humongous swing and threw out my back. Considering it saved me from these two missing links, and considering my back doesn’t hurt this morning, I think God was doing me a favor.


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