Hammocks are from Heaven

June 25, 2008

Where else could hammocks come from? My kids bought me this freestanding hammockMy hammock for my birthday yesterday. It can be brought anywhere and you are suspended above the earth in free-floating ecstacy. Even the dog leaves me alone up there. This is the exact hammock they got me (minus the woman in it of course) and I have already logged my first two hours of reading time in it. Actually, I was asleep in about five minutes, but the book stayed with me, so it still counts as reading time.

There are few inventions that combine peace, comfort, portability, sunshine and godliness into one package. This might be the perfect invention of man. We have reached the pinnacle.



  1. 1. Happy Birthday. 2. How easy was it to put together? From the sounds of it the set up time was nothing compared to the hours of enjoyment?

  2. Mr. Mac…it literally takes 30 seconds to put up. Amazing! It can be transported anywhere in its own carrying case. I am in love…more like relaxation lust, but I’m in the throes of something akin to love.

  3. I have an awesome hammock too. When Jesus said that he was going to prepare a place for us, I wish I were there to say that all I need is a hammock. If he prepares for me a mansion, fine; but all I really need is a hammock suspended from a tree right outside. The only rival to my hammock is a foof chair. We were recently given one by a friend:


    Both the foof chair and the hammock are simply glorious!!!

  4. So JD…how does a Foof chair differ from a beanbag chair?

  5. Happy belated! Hmmm…I’m thinking one of these chairs has my name all over it…

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes Barb. I practically live in this hammock on these holidays. Especially when the Delta breezes pick up in the evening.

  7. Do you have a link for that, Mike? I see a hammock in my future. The only one I have now is made from rope/string. I got it in Mexico, and it’s great, but you need two trees or something to suspend it from. This would be easier.

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