Intersection Intercession 7/30/08

July 29, 2008

Last week we featured the corner of Truxel and San Juan as our focus for prayer and intercession. As far as I could determine from the police blotter and several crime-related blogs in town, there were no major crimes of any sort this last week at that corner. Considering it is one of the two crime centers of Natomas, we can assume that our prayers affected this locale. If God leads you to continue praying for that intersection, be my guest.

In our quest to cover the entire town and not just focus on one end, we will be moving now to North Natomas to one of the most influential intersections. Most people in Natomas Park and Regency Park go through this intersection daily, or at least several times a week. It is the site of the Clubhouse and two new apartment blocks as well as a new shopping center. Just 500 feet away is a major park and soon, the first new church building in Natomas. Yes, it is the corner of Natomas Blvd. and Club Center Drive.

Here are the crime stats within 1500 ft. of that intersection:

Club Center and Natomas Crime stats

Club Center and Natomas Crime stats

Also, here is a picture of that intersection so you can pray with understanding.

Club Center and Natomas

Club Center and Natomas

As you pray for this intersection, you might want to walk down there and get on location. God often seems to speak louder when you’re there. Also, if the Lord shows you specific things to pray for, come back here and let everyone know what He showed you.


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