Self Esteem Attacks Feet

August 12, 2008

Poor self-esteem is a symptom of living in a world where we experience being cut off from God. To counter poor self-esteem, God spends so much time telling us of our value and of God’s love for us. But when we get suckered into focusing on ourselves too much we can see all our supposed imperfections.

Even feet.

This picture is from an online album of a friend of mine. She is a beautiful girl with a rich heart and a wonderful way with people. Here is the pic of her feet, taken with the feet of several of her friends this last weekend.

Fat Feet

Fat Feet

My friend’s comment on this pic: “My foot is the fat one“.

I looked for several minutes and couldn’t determine which one was the fat one. That just gave me one more reason to pray for all the women I know who think their feet are fat. Or who think that it matters.


  1. I have one knuckle that is all gnarly and rough. Even though I know no one else probably notices it, I hide that hand whenever I am in a group of people. God has talked to me about it and that is when I stop being so worried about it.

  2. Grace, there is a condition that psychologists tell about where one physical characteristic becomes grotesque in the eyes of the person who has it even though others do not notice it at all. This may be the extreme of what I’m talking about here, but it is all in the category of poor self-esteem

  3. Two things have influenced my life more than anything (outside of Christ): my view of my body and how intelligent I’ve thought I was. These views have had huge, life altering, influence even on certain paths I’ve taken in my life. Strange as it seems one aspect of my low self-esteem has kept me from a ton of sin. My low self-esteem wasn’t good, but seeing where I would have gone had I not had such a view is horrible. I should add that I know I could have also avoided these same potentially sinful actions with a healthy self-esteem and cooperation with the Holy Spirit. I know this is a huge problem in our culture though.

  4. JWD: Your insight is valuable in this discussion. God can even use our poor self-esteem to keep us from the other extreme. But, of course, the best answer is to have God’s perspective on who we are. Thanks for your comment.

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