The Rain God Exposed

August 30, 2008

Vince, of the Nikao blog, rightly chastised Focus on the Family for going on record with a wish that God would rain all over the acceptance speech of Obama. I pointed out on that blog that this is more than just a whimsical wish on the part of FOTF, but actually playing around with Witchcraft praying (I wrote about this several months ago). Why would anyone want to see God rain judgment or anything else upon another human?

But I guess to be fair, now the other political viewpoint wants their share of the Rain God. Michael Moore is now thanking God that the latest hurricane may disrupt plans for the Republicans and their convention. You can read about it here.. As he continued the discussion with Keith Olbermann, it becomes clear that he is glad that God is bringing Gustav on a path of Disruption.

Where does the world get off claiming God as their own personal vendetta settler? I know that the human race has done this for centuries, but it has no veracity to it. Has no one read “Vengeance is mine” in the Bible. The particular Greek words that make up that phrase literally mean “Vengeance is my territory and only mine.” Not only are we not allowed to enter into the foray of enacting vengeance, it is not even our office to suggest where it ought to happen or to whom. I will assume this means we are not even to speculate where we think it has happened without God’s permission. I doubt Moore or Focus on the Family have received such an edict.

They would be well advised to read history and see what happened with the aftermath of the Lisbon Earthquake. So many groups during those early days of the Enlightenment were claiming God’s blessing on their path. Even the atheists were claiming that their non-reliance on God had some kind of magical blessing. But after the great earthquake shook the continent, many people despaired. One philosopher, Voltaire, deeply considered suicide, because to him the earthquake represented the end of society. Others looked outward and pointed fingers at one another and claimed God’s judgment everywhere. What baffled many people is that during the Lisbon earthquake, both protestant chapels and Catholic cathedrals were destroyed, but an entire row of brothels near the waterfront remained relatively untouched. What are we to conclude from that?

God is not our personal rain God, or destruction God, or “teach-them-a-lesson” God.

Sometimes, rain just happens.


  1. It becomes increasingly difficult to bring the love of God to the unsaved when the words of our mouth and the prayers of our heart are curses without blessing. I think we would be better served remembering the desire of the heart of the psalmist:

    Psalm 19:14
    May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.

  2. Aaron, this is the perfect verse to use in this context. I know of course that many believers are blessing our country. But when the prominent ministries cannot do anything constructive and choose to curse instead because they have become “one-issue” Christians, then I get incensed.

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