A Vision About America

October 6, 2008

Yesterday I travelled out of town to teach at a training school in Montana. During that time of travel and my moments spent traversing airports, I had a lot of time to think and pray. Then, added to that time, this Christian training school had a concerted time of Intercessory prayer this morning that I took part in. The leader asked us to concentrate our prayers on America; which is exactly what I had been doing for over a week now.

So this morning, God gave me a strange vision. I can’t say I have the full interpretation or application of it any more, but I will give you what I have so far. (Note: For those reading this who come here for when I talk about psychology or cultural movements, please bear with this – I think it is incredibly important. Visions are what God can give people by speaking in pictures to them).

In the vision, I saw America as a Circus, entertaining and captivating the world. The audience was watching this circus with awe and wonder. Many acts were featured and feats of strength were performed. I heard in the vision that the Circus acts represented America’s ability to entertain, its strength in communications and media, the powerful force of the economy, the weight of its military force, the promises of low unemployment and a high value on the individual, creativity and personal advancement. The world loves to watch the  Circus that is America because it promises so much, even if it doesn’t always deliver.

But then this circus began to deteriorate and fall into chaos. The elephants began to rampage everywhere and the dangerous cats began to prowl and attack. Circus performers blamed each other as they saw it all fall apart. The audience raced every direction, making matters worse and complicating the effort to bring order to the chaos.

At one point, the ringleader got up and just stood in the center of the ring. A few people noticed the ringleader and came over to see what they would say. But they didn’t say anything…they just stood there. Those people who were willing to stop panicking came over and stood by the center ring where the ringleader stood. Some of them brought others in minor stages of panic toward the center and soon they calmed down. That is where the image ended. There was no resolution, but just a hint at how it all could be solved.

I do not have the fullest of the interpretation, but here is what I understood as I and others prayed into it. The chaos is more than just the deteriorating economy. If it was just that, there wouldn’t have been so many things going wrong simultaneously. It is also the use of drugs and alcohol that people are turning to in order to cope. It was the political machinery going wrong hurting so many in its rampage. It is the many who make their living from pointing the finger at others instead of coming up with solutions that work. As I prayed, my heart turned to this truth: Wouldn’t it be refreshing to have a leader who ran for election without promising anything other than to do their best to handle problems with wisdom and integrity. We don’t need more unfulfilled promises – but it is certainly what we vote for. We want to be promised.

The ringleader in this sense is not the cause of the problems, but the person in charge: God Himself. If we turn away from fear and chaos and just listen to what God will say in the quiet places of our hearts, then the fear can be done away with and we can think straight. So few are thinking straight these days, as evidenced by throwing $700,000,000,000 at a problem and hoping it would go away. That didn’t work so well now, did it?

As  you read this, what comes across to you?



  1. How many people come to America from Mexico or Canada to make their money and then take it back to their respective countries to retire on? Did you not say in a previous post that you aren’t a citizen of America? I would also agree with a previous post that you don’t have a dog in this fight.

    No one is throwing 7B. That is a figure to try to get a handle on those that bought a house that couldn’t afford it. Talk to some realtors in your church who continued to show houses to prospective buyers while knowing they couldn’t afford it. So many were greedy on all levels. How many “Christian” realtors were listening to God then? Not many I would say.

    I don’t agree with my tax dollars bailing out someone elses poor judgement, but the fact is, we are at this point and something needs to be done. We have to fix it and then not let it happen again.

  2. Good comment. Even if a person is into making money, they still have the obligation as a believer to seek God even in their job as a Real Estate Agent or as a financier…or whatever.

  3. This dream provides an opaque glimpse of hope in disconcerting times. But a thought popped into my head after some reflection on this dream: Could the circus be the American church? What if American secular culture is merely suffering the consequences of something deeply wrong in the church? How many believers stood by and watched this fiasco unfold with a wink and a nod? In fact, how many capitalized on the climate of witch doctor lending (a term I heard on one of the talking head programs) and faux real estate values?

    Perhaps we have become a little too fond of our careers, properties, toys, vacations, and portfolios. Maybe this debacle is because our love affair is foremost with business and income rather than God. Have church leaders become overly business focused? Have we taken too much ownership of the church, trusting in our business acumen rather than God to sustain and grow the church? Have we heard much from the pulpit, Christian authors, prominent Christian leaders, and church headquarters about financial morality? I think we have obsessed over sexual and other electrified sins to the exclusion of some dangerous money sins. So much so, that we engage in unethical business practices and do not see them as immoral or risky. “As long as it is legal it is okay” seems to have been the popular mantra.

    Do we care more about each other and God than we do about our careers, property, and retirement dreams? I think such living requires an authentic faith that eludes many of us. Even so, I’m fairly certain God has got my attention now that the circus tent is crashing.

  4. Maybe the few finding peace are those who rediscovered the conscience they abandoned. Can conscience, like truth, be a person?

  5. How interesting Mike. This would make a great music video (I can see that as garnering the largest audience so therefore impacting thought the most).
    I was listening talk radio the other night, and someone said we’re not Socialist–we don’t bail each other out…we let some (business, etc) fail, then others survive, or pick up the pieces and start again. That’s Capitalism. We seem to be on a road to Socialism, and it really surprises me.

  6. Barb, I agree with you on both points (music video and how we seem to be on the road to socialism). Having grown up in Canada I see that the real problem with socialism is not the part where people’s needs are cared for (that’s the good part) but that it gives way too much power to government to tell us what is good for us. It wouldn’t surprise me (and I have no political affiliation) that what happens in the next couple of years is that the government ends up telling the banks what they should and should not do, and not just what they can and cannot do.

  7. “We seem to be on a road to Socialism, and it really surprises me.”
    Just wait until Obama is elected.

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