I’m Back…and What that Means

January 15, 2010

Last year, I bailed on this blog for a good reason: I had a book to write and there are only 24 hours in the days I live. My goal was to have the book done by December.

I have to say I almost reached my goal in November. But I couldn’t find any peace in the process. The more I wrote, the more it felt like I was walking through oatmeal dragging an anvil behind me. I had no peace in the composing, no joy in going to the keyboard each day. This might have been because I was tired of writing, but I really wasn’t. Anything else I was writing seemed to sing with energy. This subject was as dull as a term paper for economics class.

So I asked God what was wrong. God was glad I finally asked after all my frustrations. He showed me that this exercise of writing a book on Hearing God was only stage one. The real book is to focus in a different direction. It will utilize elements of the Hearing God book, but it goes much further.

My writing mentor noticed I was throwing out a book into the marketplace (the Hearing God one) that was oversaturated with books on Hearing God. “Why do you want to do it” he asked, “does it say something no one else is saying?” That’s a legitimate question. I do have some interesting things to say and, more importantly, a process that may making Hearing God easier than much of what I have read.

But as God showed me the bigger picture, my joy returned. I have started writing that book and it is flowing freely. It is going so well, I find I want to write again on this blog.

If there is anyone ready to read it. Are you still there readers?


  1. yes, but only because it distracts me from my own writing projects

  2. heck yes

  3. I’m here 🙂

  4. Present!

  5. Still waiting… 🙂 (Equivalent to FB poke, poke, poke)

  6. I’ve had google reader setup in case you started posting again 🙂

  7. I am here too. I love it when God reveals a bigger picture, igniting passion and joy anew.

  8. I enjoy reading your posts here, my friend. Oh, and send me a copy of the manuscript today, please. 🙂

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