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One Unintended Result of Wikileaks

December 3, 2010

I don’t want to add anything to the debate over Wikileaks – as in, “is this going to threaten the lives of our troops” or “how accurate can all of this really be”. I can’t get into those debates because I don’t care to read all the gobbledygook in the leaks themselves.

I am more interested in society’s reactions to the leaked material. I note with interest Theodore Dalrymple’s assessment of the real danger in this article: What’s Really Wrong with WikiLeaks by Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal 2 December 2010. One quote will suffice:

A reign of assumed virtue would be imposed, in which people would say only what they do not think and think only what they do not say.

He speculates we will monitor what we say more carefully with the fear our private thoughts will become public knowledge. But is that as bad as he suggests? Doesn’t the Bible tell us to put a rein on our tongues, even in private conversation? I can’t see anything wrong with personally editing everything we say, even in seemingly private conversations. Gossip, jealousy, boasting, bitterness, no matter how small the forum into which we speak them, are all damaging.

The tongue is a small member, but it can set an entire forest on fire.

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