Choose One of these: Pensions, Healthcare, Education

March 4, 2011

I have said this a number of times: Choose one of these three essential services our government helps with:

  • Healthcare (primarily Medicare)
  • Pensions (state and Federal)
  • Education

Unless we raise taxes a huge amount (something the American people will not tolerate) then we can honestly only afford at the most two out of the three. For instance, we can have Healthcare and Pensions but spend nothing on education. Or we can fully fund education and healthcare, but eliminate Social Security and public pensions.

I thought there were few people saying this. But Bill Gates just gave this session at TED2011 in Long Beach:



He says exactly the same thing….Education is not the problem, it is the unrealistic spending we have committed to for pensions and healthcare.

Which one would you get rid of? Healthcare, pensions or Education? Or would you be willing to pay a lot more in taxes to have all three?


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