Why I am Proud of My Three Children

March 31, 2011

All I am about to proclaim I have already told my children at one time or other, in one form or other.

But I am saying it here so that it can be instructive and to honor them for what they do and who they are. As much as we are to honor parents, it is equally appropriate to honor children. Allow me the privilege of telling my own kids publicly why I am thrilled to be their father.

First, though they all carry this out differently, they are men and women of peace. I cannot fathom any of the three deliberately causing pain and grief to someone else. They often go out of their way to clarify and rectify supposed hurts and disagreements. Even when they were small children, I never received phone calls from school saying they had been in fights, were unruly in class or talked back to teachers. One of them defines peace actively by seeking out those who have a beef with them to make things right. One of them chooses words very carefully so they won’t be easily misunderstood. One listens very carefully so that the other person will know they have been understood. I am proud of you for being men and women of peace.

Each of them, in their own way, pursues a path of justice. It is hard in the mind to fathom someone being for peace AND justice, but if anyone has accomplished it, it is my three children. One pursues justice by seeking to uncover and expose injustice. Another always runs to the rescue of those who have been hurt, who are in need or who have been victims of injustice. The third likes to weigh in on the Court of Public Opinion to change laws and ideas that victimize people and/or shelter the perpetrators. I am proud of you three for being men and women of Justice.

They all love to laugh. I can sit in my bedroom when they’re telling stories in the Living Room  and pick out who is telling the story by the intensity of the laughter and its duration. All three could be comedy stars if they were inclined. One loves to appreciate the comedy of others and can emulate it word for word. One just likes to laugh like both their grandfathers. One makes adroit statements of wry wit and subtle irony. All three can enjoy a slapstick as easily as a Brian Regan routine. For being men and women of humor, I applaud you.

All of them have made it easy to love them. They are both lovable and loving. Though there were times when they were teenagers that my hugs were not always welcome, they all melt in my arms now when I and their mother embrace them. They love to love and be loved and are not shy in showing and telling about their love. One has gifts and words of affirmation as love languages. Another has quality time and physical affection as love languages. The third has quality time and gifts as the love languages. They all show their love openly, and for this I am proud of them.

They love to learn. Books, movies, shows, plays, music, art and television are all fair game in the Phillips household. Get at the dinner table with these three and they can all hold their own on issues like politics, sports, the Economy, history, geography, world events, relationships, music, entertainment and the latest comedy bits. They entertain and inform as much as they love to be informed. They are all Information Czars and for this I am proud of them.

They all work hard and are known where they are employed as hard workers. I know who you get that from and the tradition is long and Mennonite. I am proud of you for choosing the right parent to emulate in this one.

I love all three of you. But you know that.



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