My Top Feel Good Movies

June 10, 2011

If I want to improve my mood with a movie, there are many I could choose from. Here are my criteria for putting a movie on this list:

1. Positive message and very little violence: This is why I would leave Shawshank Redemption, Hotel Rwanda and Braveheart off this list.

2. Believability and Accessibility: Would these things happen to real people? Therefore, though I love the Princess Bride, it isn’t on this list.

3. I could watch this with my family: I want to invite my wife and kids to watch a feel-good movie with me.  I really like The Green Mile, but my wife would walk out on the execution scene.

4. Happy Endings: I am a sucker for happy endings. I want a movie to leave me feeling better than I felt when I started watching.

So, here are my top twenty movies to lift my soul…in this order:

20. Up (okay, so houses can’t really fly with balloons…but it still fits the other criteria).

19. Erin Brockovitch

18. August Rush

17. Temple Grandin

16. Remember the  Titans

15. Rudy

14. Stand and Deliver

13. The King’s Speech

12. We Are Marshall

11. Field of Dreams

10. Secondhand Lions

9. That Thing You Do

8. A Beautiful Mind

7. Chariots of Fire

6. The Blind Side

5. The Pursuit of Happyness – When he gets the job after all that work, our hearts glow with his

4. October Sky – I am so moved when dad sets off that rocket.

3. Freedom Writers – The best teacher in America

2. Mr. Holland’s Opus – I could watch him walk up and take that baton a hundred times and still be moved

1. Hoosiers. When Jimmy Chitwood sinks that final shot, I cry and cheer. I know it’s coming and it still gets me where I live.



  1. So Glad That Thing You Do made the list. I can quote the whole movie! I only own three copies.


  2. Great tips you have exactly the same taste as I have. Thanks from Amsterdam

    • Jacqueline…would you add any movies to this list (since we have similar taste in movies)?

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