Pat Robertson, you Flaming Heretic…Repent!

September 15, 2011

I am a gentle man. I am a man who sometimes laughs at the foibles of others. I am a man who does not get angry easily.

What Pat Robertson has now done is too much for me. That buffoon of a Bible Teacher, that political juggernaut wolf disguised as a sheep has gone TOO FAR!

Read this article. In a recent episode of his show, he advised a man that he would be better off divorcing his wife who has Alzheimer’s since she has experienced “a kind of death anyway”.

This is a  ridiculous, heretical teaching. She is not dead. Her spirit is very much alive inside of that tortured mind. With this logic, the little children with severe mental retardation should be abandoned. With this logic, any time we feel our spouse or friends or children don’t meet up to our standards of a quality of life, then we should consider them dead to us.

I know a man whose wife had a stroke. She could not talk, could not walk, could not smile, could not have sex, had to be fed, drooled most of the time. Yet, every single night, he dressed in a three-piece suit and visited her in the hospital so they could eat their evening meal together. Every night he brought her a flower and every Sunday a bouquet of roses. He told me “I had the better part for 30 years. I have the worse part now. It’s worth it.”

I know another guy however, who divorced his wife because she was in an iron lung from polio. I know another guy whose wife developed a medium degree of mental illness and he felt justified in divorcing her because “she isn’t the woman I said my vows to.”

Repent Pat Robertson. If the 100 other nonsensical teachings  you have brought forward over the years are not enough, this one disqualifies you. Shame on you. This woman needs to have her husband by her side until her last day, if for no other reason than because it shows the undying love of God for us who were dead in our trespasses and sins.

If you think I’m being too hard on Robertson, then you don’t understand how much a privilege it is to be a teacher. He has abused that privilege and as a fellow teacher I am calling him out.



  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  2. Mike, sometimes I think we have a prickly relationship but hands down I need to tell you that you are without a doubt one of my favorite, gutsy and just all around great person I know. I am so glad to be part of your flock. In a weigh you are the Moses of of our fellowship. at least for me. you are hard to get a handle on and always feel I come up short in your view but God rests so heavy in you, I am so pleased to be part of your flock

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