Up Next-Chapter by Chapter Review of the book “Radical”

October 29, 2011

Starting Sunday night, I will be going through David Platt’s book “Radical” chapter by chapter. I am doing this because there are parts of the book I really appreciate and parts of the book that are just plain wrong. Just so you don’t waste your time reading my reviews, here are the groups that usually find my reviews hard to take:

1. Kneejerk, Reactionary Christians: If you are one of those who thought Kirk Cameron was a dorky actor UNTIL he started to do poorly produced Christian movies, and now you think he should be nominated for Best Actor any time he does anything, you won’t like my reviews. I don’t accept the concept of “if it’s got a Christian message it must be worth seeing, hearing or reading”.

2. If You Despise Detailed Analysis: If you like to enjoy a book as a whole and not worry about the parts, you won’t like my review. I am going to look at everything: content, approach, style and skill. If you liked the book and hate to have someone criticize anything you like, then don’t read my reviews.

3. If You Believe the Church Must Change Immediately: For 2000 years, the church has struggled with moral purity, church government, heresies, godless culture, lukewarm followers of Christ and ignorance of the Bible’s key messages. If you believe that it all has to change today, that’s fine. If you think that any one book is going to accomplish that (and think “Radical” is that book) you won’t like my review.

4. The Friend Factor: If ten friends recommended this book to you and told you how this changed their life and you equate criticism of this book with criticizing those ten friends, then you won’t like my review. And finally…

5. The “David Platt is one of Our Prophets” Crowd: If you believe that any author is a modern-day prophet in the Old Testament sense – meaning that we cannot “touch the Lord’s Anointed” – then paste the pages of his book into the back of your Bible and stop reading book reviews.

All others stay tuned as we review this book. It’s a book I like, but it’s also a book that goes too far in some ways and not far enough in others.


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