Is Branding Anti-Missional

November 10, 2011

I just wanted to refer to David Fitch’s excellent article on the Mars Hill church name issue. As we reported two weeks ago, Mars Hill Seattle has trademarked their church name and logo. Fitch considers this to be an anti-missional act. He gives three great reasons for this:

1. Branding is Consumerism and aimed at Attraction – missional ideals are against attractionism.

2. Branding Promotes Competition – this makes the church life the focus instead of the missional goals.

3. Branding Decontextualizes – this is a fancy way of saying that a church is supposed to change it approach in every culture it finds itself. If you have a brand you are saying “our brand is the same wherever you find it”. This is truly anti-missional.

Read his full article here.


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