Movies That Teach the Value of Hard Work

November 29, 2011

It is helpful at times to watch movies according to a theme or a value. In doing so, the mind can be directed subtly to consider and evaluate how a particular value can look when played out in life. Movies are visual parables, and as such direct the mind and value system much more strongly than almost any other media.

I believe that a culture based upon the value of work for its own sake is a strong and vibrant culture. Therefore, I look for movies that contain that value at least as an underpinning to its plot and characterizations. Here are some that I love to watch when I consider how hard work can be put into practice. As with all my lists, these are not in any particular order.

Stand and Deliver

Door to DoorStand-and-deliver

A Beautiful Mind


My Left Foot

The Pursuit of Happyness



Finding Forrester

Homeless to Harvard

It’s a Wonderful Life

Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037

Chariots of Fire


If I had to pick three that are the best of the bunch to watch today, here is what I would choose: 1) Door to Door: The true story of a man who became one of the most successful door-to-door salesmen while having Cerebral Palsy. 2) Gattaca: No matter what they tell you, there is a way to fulfill your dreams. Sometimes the obstacles are high, but hard work will find a way. 3) Homeless to Harvard: Few have overcome the obstacles this girl did…it will inspire you.


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  1. Great List .. Thank you ..

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