Dog Naps

January 26, 2012

Here is how I heard the story:

Joe opened his door to check on the noise out on the front porch. As soon as the door was opened, a big friendly Golden Retriever ambled in. The dog spotted a sunny spot by the window, laid down in it and fell fast asleep. Joe watched him for awhile and, seeing he was having a nice nap, decided not to disturb him. About an hour later, the dog woke up, went to the front door and scratched to be let out. Joe obliged and the dog went on his merry way. The next day, at almost exactly the same time as the day before (1 p.m.) the dog scratched on Joe’s front door. Joe opened it and the dog went to the same spot and fell asleep. This pattern repeated itself for several days with no variation. Finally, Joe attached a note to the dog’s collar, informing the owner where the dog had been spending his afternoons. The dog left as usual and Joe hoped the note would settle the issue for a worried owner.

The next day, the dog returned with a different note around his collar. Joe picked it off and read it. This is what it said:

“Thank you so much for allowing Bob to come into your house every day. He is a kind old dog and will certainly not cause you any trouble. You see, we have three small children who think that Bob is their personal toy. I try to keep them out of Bob’s way, but they always seem to get him into the middle of their mischief. I guess Bob just decided to take a break every day and nap where it would be quiet. Thank you for giving him that chance at peace of mind.” There was one final sentence in the note.

“Would you mind if I joined Bob tomorrow?”



  1. There is a very similar local story here. After some folks built their dream home up the road form their current home, they sold the old home. Their dog, however, walked down the road to nap on his favorite spot on the porch every day! It was in our paper.

    • Mir…I love that story. Can you find a link for it somewhere?


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