How The Church Will Die

February 18, 2012

Mike Breen (from this article) has an interesting take on his examination of today’s American brand of Church. He often does an exercise with people he is discipling and asks “If the Enemy could bring you down and destroy you, how is he most likely to accomplish it?”

He then asks that question of the American Church. He sees three things that are going to bring us down:

And so this is how, if our enemy gets his way, the American church could be taken out:

A culture of CELEBRITY (affirmation)

A culture of CONSUMERISM (appetite)

A culture of COMPETITION (ambition)

I resonate especially with the competition factor. It is almost impossible these days to meet with a group of pastors and not see significant evidence of the “strutting Rooster” syndrome.

What do you think could destroy the American Church?



  1. The sad thing is…it will appear to be healthier than ever just before it pops

  2. Vince: That is usually how it happens with any human endeavor…it looks so good until it all collapses.

  3. you mean it’s still alive (spiritually)?!?!

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