One of the Most Wonderful Letters a President Ever Wrote

February 20, 2012

In the 1993 NCAA basketball finals, Chris Webber and his Michigan Wolverines were down by two points with several seconds left. On the inbounds pass, Webber called a timeout – except he didn’t have a timeout left! Because of that blunder, they lost the championship. It was one of the greatest mistakes ever made by a star athlete.

Several months later, President Bill Clinton sent Chris Webber the following letter:

Dear Chris,

I have been thinking of you a lot since I sat glued to the TV during the championship game.

I know that there may be nothing I or anyone else can say to ease the pain and disappointment of what happened.

Still, for whatever it’s worth, you, and your team, were terrific. And part of playing for high stakes under great pressure is the constant risk of mental error. I know. I have lost two political races and made countless mistakes over the last twenty years. What matters is the intensity, integrity, and courage you bring to the effort. That is certainly what you have done. You can always regret what occurred but don’t let it get you down or take away the satisfaction of what you have accomplished.

You have a great future. Hang in there.

Bill Clinton

I can only imagine the impact that letter had on Chris Webber. As a Sacramento Kings fan, I saw Webber turn into one of the greatest power forwards of all time. I believe that Clinton’s letter was one of the things that helped him get over his mistake.

Do you have a letter like that in you today? Is there a “failure” in your life that could  use a letter of encouragement?


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