Ten Reasons I Love To Live in Natomas

August 22, 2012

I’m not just a homebody…I love living in the Natomas region of Sacramento. If I look back on all the places I have lived, each one had its own appeal and charm. But there are some unusual and delightful elements of my current town that I love completely. If you’re from somewhere else, why don’t you sit down and determine what there is about the place you live that appeals to you.

As my mentor in college said, “Wherever you are, be ALL there”.

Top Ten Things I love About Living in Natomas

10. Five minute drive to downtown (at least, the way I drive it is).

9. Five minute drive to the airport.

8. A school district with three schools that have shown some of the most dramatic improvements in test scores of any in the Sacramento region.

7. Cultural Diversity: Our area has the second most racially and ethnically diverse school district in the nation.

6. People here don’t feel the need to live sequestered in upper middle class enclaves,  as they drive from one suburban jungle to another. Natomas residents actually get involved in their community’s safety and look out for each other. We actually know our neighbors.

5. The pastors of Natomas gather EVERY week together, share pulpits, have stopped competing and are not interested in besting each other. We actually love each other and have been known to financially help each other in tough times.

4. No mega-churches in Natomas. Therefore, all our churches actually know our members and help each other in need instead of just putting on a big Sunday show.

3. Dropping crime rates in the violent category. Several christians have been going from neighborhood to neighborhood praying that crime would drop. It has dropped faster than all the above-mentioned suburbs. I believe that this has more to do with #4 and #5.

2. A great set of community leaders. In particular, I appreciate principal John Eick and City Council Person Angelique Ashby, who both care that God is working in our community.

1. Did I mention ethnic diversity? I love being able to visit with my neighbors on my street who are black, white, latino, Vietnamese, Colombian, Indian, Iranian, Pakistani, Chinese, Canadian, Finnish, Korean and British. That list is just the people I know on my street. I told you it was a wonderful place to live. Dig it.



  1. My neighbors also include (on top of the list) are Russians, Taiwainese. And we’re Filipinos.

    • Isn’t it awesome to live in such a wonderfully diverse community?

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