Open Letter from a Christian Pacifist

July 20, 2013

This is to all of my brothers and sisters. I don’t care if you own a gun. I care if you kill someone. I care if you kill an unborn child, a thug on the street, a death-row inmate, an elderly person suffering…and I care if you live in fear of being killed. My opinion of each of you does not change one bit if you have a gun. I just wanted you to start thinking biblically instead of just thinking with a cultural rationale for everything. It is amazing how hard it is to see a biblical truth when our culture teaches the exact opposite. It is my love for each of you that propels me to show you there are people who actually don’t believe in killing at all. I have done funerals for 3 police officers who shot themselves with their own revolvers. The pain in that room for everyone was greater than I have experienced almost anywhere else. The job they do involves the likelihood of taking a life. Most people’s souls go through discernible amounts of decay when they do that. Even seasoned veterans of wars cannot stop thinking about the souls they sent into eternity with a weapon. I think it is a loving thing I am saying to all of you to do me one favor: put aside what you have always believed about lethal weapons for a few weeks and study the New Testament with an open mind. After studying it and you are convinced your lethal weapon is what God wants you to have, so be it. I love you and wish the best for your soul and prosperity for those you will meet. Selah.


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  1. Charles Spurgeon helps us think as Christians on this http://spurgeonwarquotes.wordpress.com/

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