Want to Smoke a Bowl?

August 13, 2013

Since five states have now legalized marijuana for personal use and the federal government is now deciding to stop prosecuting people who bring it into the country, more and more Christians are going to think about trying it for themselves. The argument is often like this: “It has less side-effects than alcohol and we don’t have any problem with drinking.”

Well, I would dispute that we don’t have any problem with drinking. I have long held that Christians have over-reacted to the Temperance movement and now allow too much drinking to be part of our lives. But I want to spend a moment interacting with an article that came out this week about the harmful effects of Marijuana.

This study (view it here) concludes that pot severely hinders the brain’s ability to produce Dopamine. Because of this, pot can bring on a number of disabilities related to low dopamine output. These include Parkinsons disease, ADD, Restless leg syndrome, drug-induced schizophrenia etc. Not only that, but the lower levels of dopamine in our body, the less likely we are to be motivated to do anything. This is what causes the typical “stoner” personality – the totally under-motivated, carefree individual who stops many steps short of success in life.

The Journal of Neuroscience, Vanderbilt University, Imperial College and King’s College (both based in London) all concur with the findings that marijuana lowers dopamine. Please read this carefully and decide if the upcoming legality of pot makes it desirable in the long term.


One comment

  1. My BIL has drug induced schizophrenia, it is real and it does happen. He was doing several different kinds of drugs (marijuana included) at the time, so I’m not sure what caused it, but he will never be able to have a “normal” life. It’s like he is stuck in his teenage years even though he hasn’t touched drugs for 15 years. Too bad he wasn’t aware of what could happen before he started doing drugs. Thanks for sharing this.

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