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Ten Reasons I Love To Live in Natomas

August 22, 2012

I’m not just a homebody…I love living in the Natomas region of Sacramento. If I look back on all the places I have lived, each one had its own appeal and charm. But there are some unusual and delightful elements of my current town that I love completely. If you’re from somewhere else, why don’t you sit down and determine what there is about the place you live that appeals to you.

As my mentor in college said, “Wherever you are, be ALL there”.

Top Ten Things I love About Living in Natomas

10. Five minute drive to downtown (at least, the way I drive it is).

9. Five minute drive to the airport.

8. A school district with three schools that have shown some of the most dramatic improvements in test scores of any in the Sacramento region.

7. Cultural Diversity: Our area has the second most racially and ethnically diverse school district in the nation.

6. People here don’t feel the need to live sequestered in upper middle class enclaves, ¬†as they drive from one suburban jungle to another. Natomas residents actually get involved in their community’s safety and look out for each other. We actually know our neighbors.

5. The pastors of Natomas gather EVERY week together, share pulpits, have stopped competing and are not interested in besting each other. We actually love each other and have been known to financially help each other in tough times.

4. No mega-churches in Natomas. Therefore, all our churches actually know our members and help each other in need instead of just putting on a big Sunday show.

3. Dropping crime rates in the violent category. Several christians have been going from neighborhood to neighborhood praying that crime would drop. It has dropped faster than all the above-mentioned suburbs. I believe that this has more to do with #4 and #5.

2. A great set of community leaders. In particular, I appreciate principal John Eick and City Council Person Angelique Ashby, who both care that God is working in our community.

1. Did I mention ethnic diversity? I love being able to visit with my neighbors on my street who are black, white, latino, Vietnamese, Colombian, Indian, Iranian, Pakistani, Chinese, Canadian, Finnish, Korean and British. That list is just the people I know on my street. I told you it was a wonderful place to live. Dig it.


Intersection Intercession – Northgate and W. El Camino

August 13, 2008

How easy is it to pray and intercede for the area around an intersection? It is about as simple as thinking. Here are four obvious and easy steps if you want to pray for a particular area.

1. Print off the picture and the crime map below these instructions. Then as you look at them, ask God what He wants you to be praying.

2. Whatever comes into your head, pray that.

3. If a burden comes to you and won’t leave, pray as many times as you like for that neighborhood until the burden does leave. If necessary, go to the intersection and either drive through or walk around it and keep praying.

4. Whatever God shows you to pray for, come back here and report what God showed you. For those who read this from the Bay Area or Temecula or Montana, you can still pray and God can still show you. God does not recognize how far away you are from a location to begin praying.

The intersection in question is one of the most crime-infested in our city. Northgate and W. El Camino has seen several violent episodes in recent months. But it is also very close to the location for the Greenhouse Ministries that are just a couple of blocks away. In addition, there is a ministry to orphaned children just a few blocks away from this intersection. Here is a picture and the crime stats.

El Camino and Northgate

El Camino and Northgate

Crime stats

Crime stats


Intersection Intercession – August 6 2008

August 6, 2008

Let me remind you again of the purpose of these blog entries. Each Wednesday morning, I am posting an intersection in Natomas that I would like the readers of this blog to pray for. More people travel through Intersections than any other place in a community. And we know that prayer changes things. Therefore, the syllogism goes that you can change things by praying at intersections.

I am trying to cover all the different parts of Natomas regularly. We have done South Natomas two weeks ago and North Natomas last week. This morning we begin to pray for a significant intersection in West Natomas (also known as Gateway West). The intersection in need of prayer is the corner of Duckhorn and Arena Blvd.

Here is the lowdown on the crime stats in that area. Please note that the “multiple exclamation points” represent multiple crimes in one spot. Also, this just covers from 2006-2008. Click on the picture to get a bigger version of the statistics:

Duckhorn and Arena Crime Stats

Duckhorn and Arena Crime Stats

In addition, I want you to see the intersection so if you can’t get there in person to pray, you can at least have a mental image in your prayers. As always, if you have pertinent prayer information that comes while you are praying, please let everyone know here. As people read it, this can make us one huge prayer circle.

Corner of Arena and Duckhorn

Corner of Arena and Duckhorn


Intersection Intercession 7/30/08

July 29, 2008

Last week we featured the corner of Truxel and San Juan as our focus for prayer and intercession. As far as I could determine from the police blotter and several crime-related blogs in town, there were no major crimes of any sort this last week at that corner. Considering it is one of the two crime centers of Natomas, we can assume that our prayers affected this locale. If God leads you to continue praying for that intersection, be my guest.

In our quest to cover the entire town and not just focus on one end, we will be moving now to North Natomas to one of the most influential intersections. Most people in Natomas Park and Regency Park go through this intersection daily, or at least several times a week. It is the site of the Clubhouse and two new apartment blocks as well as a new shopping center. Just 500 feet away is a major park and soon, the first new church building in Natomas. Yes, it is the corner of Natomas Blvd. and Club Center Drive.

Here are the crime stats within 1500 ft. of that intersection:

Club Center and Natomas Crime stats

Club Center and Natomas Crime stats

Also, here is a picture of that intersection so you can pray with understanding.

Club Center and Natomas

Club Center and Natomas

As you pray for this intersection, you might want to walk down there and get on location. God often seems to speak louder when you’re there. Also, if the Lord shows you specific things to pray for, come back here and let everyone know what He showed you.


Intersection Intercession Natomas

July 23, 2008

If you’ve been reading “The Gates are Open” for a long time, you’ll know that two things grip my heart: The reality of how much prayer can change things and how much I love Natomas, the neighborhood of Sacramento we live in. Recently, our area of town is experiencing a mini-crime wave unlike what we have seen in the past. Several bloggers have done a better job than I at chronicling this and the Sacramento Bee just picked up the story from them yesterday (tip of the hat to Joe Sacramento for his diligent reporting).

But I’m all about solutions, both practical and spiritual. And here is the new feature we’re including here every Wednesday at “The Gates are Open”. We are going to highlight an intersection of Natomas so we can intercede and see God change things at that corner.

Why an intersection? I was reading several years ago this book by a pastor in Colorado Springs. That city was known at the time for its crime, occult activity and degrading neighborhoods. This one church began to pray for the intersections (the places where people cross paths the most) that God’s presence and protection would flourish. In the next ten years, they saw miraculous changes in their city. So much so that it is now known as one of the cities with the lowest crime rates and highest rankings in places to live.

So, today’s intersection will be obvious to many who live here: The corner of Truxel Rd. and San Juan Rd. Yes, the place of so much controversy. The home of Natomas High School, several “affordable-living” apartment complexes. The site of the much-harangued shopping center. What can we say about this corner as you begin to pray?

Click on this picture below to see what crime has taken place within a 1500 feet of that corner in the last four months: (Note: The multiple exclamation marks means multiple crimes of multiple types took place at that location)

Truxel and San Juan

Truxel and San Juan

If you are willing, here is what I would like you to do. Either pray in your home or prayer walk near or at that intersection. Ask God what He wants you to pray. Pray about the particular crimes that have been taking place there and pray that God will seal that area with His protection. Then, pray whatever else God leads you to pray. Then come back here and let others know what God was showing you in the comments section.

We will see Natomas changed through prayer and hard work.

Just so you can get a mental picture of the intersection, here is a real picture of it taken this evening.

Intersection of Truxel and San Juan

Intersection of Truxel and San Juan

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