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Not for Lack…

August 26, 2008

So someone sent me an email this weekend asking why my volume has decreased so much in recent weeks on the Blog.

Simply put, no one is reading it. Well, that would be an exaggeration, but not really. I can put it down to the Olympics, Internet fatigue or my waning abilities as a writer. All of which are legitimate reasons.

But a person writes to be read. This time last year, this blog was getting over 1,000 hits a week. Now it doesn’t generate that in a month. What discourages me is that our call to prayer and focus on intersections in Natomas may be the most important entries I have ever written.

Please don’t post your “here we are” comments below. I am not looking for sympathy or encouragement, just clarification. I have hundreds of things I want to talk about here…I don’t lack for material or ideas, but I do want to be effective in teaching and communicating.  But I have other ways to spend my time if this medium is no longer helpful. If you have a comment to me privately, just email it. If you have a theory why the traffic is down, then post it here.

UPDATE: I admit it. I made a mistake. There were 1,200 hits this month. So maybe the question is “Why are there so few comments?” One emailer said two minutes ago that it is because I won’t allow anonymous comments any more. So, you have your wish. There are now anonymous comments allowed. But don’t abuse the privilege please.

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